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We are so grateful for all the wonderful individuals and families we support. Thank you for trusting us and allowing us to be a part of your lives.  

"FlexAbility NW's support provider is attentive to our daughter's needs and interests, and develops the best strategies to achieve her goals.  Our daughter is moving forward as an active and engaged member of the community with FlexAbility NW's encouragement and energetic support."

— Lori, parent

"You have changed my perspective of life and I am branching out of my 'cocoon'. You are a huge part of my life and you have taught me so many life lessons. I feel safe and secure being around you when I try new things in the community and we travel to places. I know for a fact I can stick by your side when I am feeling overwhelmed and that you won’t push my limits too far when I’m feeling uncomfortable. I am lucky that you were meant to be my forever Life Coach!”

— Rebecca, client

"FlexAbility NW's Support Provider is always warm, kind and patient with both me and my student. She knows when to assist my client and when to encourage my client to do something for herself. The provider is open to using new strategies and technologies, is detailed in keeping calendars up to date and making sure that students arrive on time. Observing my student interact with the provider, I can see they have formed a professional bond. Since the provider is warm, relaxed and friendly, my student is also more likely to be calm and relaxed; and ready to do her work with me. First and foremost, I love how FlexAbility NW is involved with the local community and knowledgeable about organizations and programs where my student can get together with others. I highly recommend FlexAbility NW 
to others!"

— Mabel, Apricot Learning Center


Do you desire fun, flexible work that matters? Are you a compassionate, dependable person that enjoys helping others succeed? Do you have an eagerness to encourage and help others to realize their potential? If so, apply today! 

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