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Jeni Davis
Owner/Executive Director
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Sarah Albert
Owner/Executive Director

I started FlexAbility NW with my long-time friend, Sarah Albert, after working in the I/DD community for over 20 years.


The passion I feel when I see someone for the first time feel included, instead of excluded, or master a skill they have been working so hard to achieve, is something that is hard to put into words, but ‘priceless’ comes close.


After 3 years of successfully helping to start a provider organization, I felt it was time to start my second one with Sarah. Sarah’s extensive knowledge of business and mine in special education, together I knew we would be the Dynamic Duo.

In my spare time I enjoy getting away to our little cabin in the woods, spending time with my family, traveling to find the sun, singing, dancing, creating art, and hockey games.


“The only disability in life is a bad attitude.” – Scott Hamilton

Prior to FlexAbility NW I have been privileged to be part of two amazing service-oriented organizations, Tommy Bahama and Nordstrom, that are passionate about people, their product and the community. Those positive influences, along with my management experiences helping teams meet company goals, sparked my desire to help people on a more individual level to achieve their independence goals. 

Starting FlexAbility NW with Jeni, I have found a path where I can use my leadership skills while continuing to grow and foster my loving connection to people. I am inspired when I see others stretch themselves to reach their goals and shine in the process. Serving others in a more impactful personal way has given my life more purpose.

I am a mom, grandma, hiker, and explorer. I am a positive, motivated individual who isn’t afraid to learn and be vulnerable. Most of all, I am excited about creating a meaningful connection and helping others become their best selves.


Do you desire fun, flexible work that matters? Are you a compassionate, dependable person that enjoys helping others succeed? Do you have an eagerness to encourage and help others to realize their potential? If so, apply today! 

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